Mindfulness: find calm in times of uncertainty

4-week, online Mindfulness course to get on top of stress, anxiety and worries | taught by Chantal Hofstee

Course description

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We are in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Soon all of us find ourselves at home for 4 weeks or maybe more. We are already experiencing major changes in health risks, the global economy, job security, childcare, social interaction, the stock market, pensions and changes in how we work. These unexpected and impactful changes are all happening at once and it makes perfect sense that they will lead to high levels of stress and anxiety putting incredible pressure on our mental health.

Now more than ever the world needs mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practical, readily available tool to reduce stress and anxiety and support your mental health. Mindfulness is research-based and easy to practice at home by yourself or with the family (it is suitable to do with your kids). With this 4 - week online mindfulness course, developed by Clinical Psychologist Chantal Hofstee, you can equip yourself with effective techniques and strategies to:

- Reduce stress and anxiety                    
- Protect your mental health
- Process emotions
- Get on top of worrying
- Help yourself cope with the changes in the best possible way

- Do something for you in this difficult time

There has never been a better time to learn mindfulness

Mindfulness won't change the facts of what is happening in the world but it can change how you cope with the uncertainty and that can make all the difference. The online Mindfulness course teaches you the most useful mindfulness techniques for times of change, uncertainty and stress in a step by step guide made up out of:

  • Videos   
  • Text
  • Questions for personal insights
  • Step by step guide to the mindfulness techniques
  • Practical tips          
  • Guided mindfulness exercises soundtracks for your phone

After taking the course you will have a toolkit of stress management techniques that will help you navigate these uncertain times in the best way possible.

Chantal Hofstee
Chantal Hofstee
Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, Mindfulness Coach and published author

Times are challenging right now but I am so grateful to have the mindfulness skills to help me cope with all the changes and stress they bring. I want to share these skills with you in this online course.

There are 7 extra videos that cover how to use the material specifically for topics related to COVID-19 and the lockdown. These videos include Q&A.

In the webinars I will share how I mindfully process and manage:

  • Concerns for the health of loved ones
  • Concerns for the economic consequences we face
  • The challenges of self-isolating 
  • The impact of social distancing
  • My media intake 
  • Fears about the future

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